What is HMPAS?
  HMPAS is a human membrane protein analysis system containing 36,585 proteins and their important characteristics. It integrates known membrane proteins from 19 different publicly available resources. The collected proteins are classified based on their interaction type with membrane and used them separately to build more accurate prediction rules for the membrane proteins. They are also hierarchically classified based on their subcellular localization and molecular function and integrated with diverse sequence features, biological process and pharmaceutical information. Therefore, HMPAS can provide which types of membrane proteins are currently pharmaceutically targeted and what kinds of characteristic features they have in one place. HMPAS supports a number of interfaces to facilitate users to obtain organized information of the membrane proteins and analyze sequence from user. [More]

Example pages in HMPAS
 Example for HMPAS classification
MF:1.12 : G-protein coupled receptor
 Example for membrane protein
P14416: D(2) dopamine receptor

Recent database updates
 [Feb 09, 2013]
 - The HMPAS is constructed.
 - All contents of CHMPD is available in this system.
 [Feb 08, 2013]
 - New version of membrane protein dataset is available now.
 - If you want to see the detailed information of the updated contents, please click the following link [click].
 [Oct 19, 2012]
 - Some minor bugs related with the searching interfaces are fixed.
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Number of collected membrane proteins [Feb. 2013]
Resource Type
Protein Count
 Collected membrane proteins from other resources
 Membrane protein orthologs from 51 other species
 Predicted integral membrane proteins
 Predicted lipid-anchored proteins
 Predicted peripheral membrane proteins